Mlimba Institute of Health and Allied Science
Overall Summary of Provisional Results
NTA Level: 4 Field of Study: Basic Technician Certificate in Clinical Medicine
Year of Study: 2020/2021 Semester: ONE Date of Results Submission: Fri Sep 18 19:44:10 EAT 2020
Printed On: Thu Oct 22 21:37:48 EAT 2020
SN RegNum Exam Number CMT04101 CMT04102 CMT04103 CMT04104 CMT04105 CMT04106 CMT04107 CMT04108 GPA Remarks Failed/Repeat Module(s)/Comment(s)
Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade
1. NS4281/0010/2016 CMT4ME1/MIHAS/20/1 A C B B B B B B 2.8 PASS NA
2. NS3885/0062/2019 CMT4ME1/MIHAS/20/10 A B A B B B B A 3.2 SECOND NA
3. NS1803/0080/2016 CMT4ME1/MIHAS/20/2 A B A B A B B A 3.3 SECOND NA
4. NS2326/0085/2016 CMT4ME1/MIHAS/20/3 A C B C B C B B 2.6 PASS NA
5. NS1596/0209/2017 CMT4ME1/MIHAS/20/4 A B B B B C B B 3.0 SECOND NA
6. NS0852/0081/2018 CMT4ME1/MIHAS/20/5 A C** B B B C B B 2.8 SUPP CMT04102
7. NS0895/0059/2013 CMT4ME1/MIHAS/20/6 C C F* D* 0.4 INCOMPLETE CMT04104,CMT04106
8. NS2756/0321/2019 CMT4ME1/MIHAS/20/7 A B B B B B A B 3.2 SECOND NA
9. NS3154/0070/2018 CMT4ME1/MIHAS/20/8 B C A B B C B B 2.7 PASS NA
10. NS0658/0034/2018 CMT4ME1/MIHAS/20/9 A B A B A B B A 3.3 SECOND NA