Mlimba Institute of Health and Allied Science
Overall Summary of Final Results
NTA Level: 6 Field of Study: Ordinary Diploma in Clinical Medicine
Year of Study: 2020/2021 Intake: September Semester: TWO Date of Results Submission: Sun Oct 03 15:53:47 EAT 2021
Printed On: Fri Jan 28 19:31:49 EAT 2022
SN RegNum Exam Number CMT06206 CMT06207 CMT06208 CMT06209 CMT06210 GPA Remarks Failed/Repeat Module(s)/Comment(s)
Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade
1. NS0324/0007/2006 CMT6RS2/MIHAS/21/2 C C C C B+ 2.4 PASS NA
2. NS0417/0054/2015 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/1 B+ B C B B+ 3.1 LOWER SECOND NA
3. NS1422/0195/2015 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/11 A B+ B C A 3.6 UPPER SECOND NA
4. NS0485/0128/2015 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/12 C B C C B 2.4 PASS NA
5. NS4905/0042/2015 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/13 A A B+ A B 4.3 UPPER SECOND NA
6. NS1439/0249/2016 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/14 A B+ B B+ B+ 3.9 UPPER SECOND NA
7. NS1071/0657/2015 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/15 A B B B B 3.2 LOWER SECOND NA
8. NS0199/0036/2015 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/16 A B C C B+ 3.0 LOWER SECOND NA
9. NS0769/0020/2014 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/17 B+ B B B+ C 3.1 LOWER SECOND NA
10. NS2126/0057/2017 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/18 B B+ B B+ B+ 3.6 UPPER SECOND NA
11. NS0273/0026/2015 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/19 B B B B C 2.7 LOWER SECOND NA
12. NS3192/0055/2016 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/2 B+ C C B B 2.6 PASS NA
13. NS4218/0079/2014 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/20 B+ C B B+ C 2.9 LOWER SECOND NA
14. NS3672/0024/2014 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/21 A A A A A 5.0 FIRST NA
15. NS5295/0007/2015 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/22 C B C C C 2.2 PASS NA
16. NS3733/0094/2015 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/23 B+ B+ B+ C B+ 3.5 UPPER SECOND NA
17. NS0486/0032/2015 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/24 B B B C B+ 3.0 LOWER SECOND NA
18. NS0118/0006/2014 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/3 A A B+ A B+ 4.5 FIRST NA
19. NS0245/0014/2017 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/4 A B C B B 3.0 LOWER SECOND NA
20. NS2721/0051/2015 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/5 B B C B B+ 3.0 LOWER SECOND NA
21. NS1017/0058/2012 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/6 C C C C B 2.2 PASS NA
22. NS1231/0056/2015 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/7 B B C B+ B 3.0 LOWER SECOND NA
23. NS1200/0083/2013 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/8 B C C B+ B 2.7 LOWER SECOND NA
24. NS0740/0022/2016 CMT6S1/MIHAS/21/9 B+ B C C B+ 2.9 LOWER SECOND NA