Overall Summary of Provisional Results
NTA Level: 4 Field of Study: Basic Technician Certificate in Clinical Medicine
Year of Study: 2019/2020 Semester: TWO Date of Results Submission: Wed Feb 05 12:12:24 EAT 2020
Printed On: Fri Feb 21 17:33:53 UTC 2020
SN RegNum Exam Number CMT04209 CMT04210 CMT04211 CMT04212 CMT04213 CMT04214 GPA Remarks Failed/Repeat Module(s)/Comment(s)
Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade
1. NS0561/0055/2015 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/1 C C B B B C 2.4 PASS NA
2. NP1395/0016/2018 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/10 C C C*** B*** B*** B*** 2.4 REPEAT CMT04211,CMT04212,CMT04213,CMT04214
3. NS4880/0065/2017 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/11 B B C B B C** 2.6 SUPP CMT04214
4. NP4007/0060/2018 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/12 C B B A B C* 2.7 SUPP CMT04214
5. NS0815/0108/2015 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/13 B B B B B B 3.0 SECOND NA
6. NS1579/0073/2017 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/14 C B C B*** B C 2.4 SUPP CMT04212
7. NS2765/0175/2018 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/15 C C* B B B B 2.6 SUPP CMT04210
8. NS2976/0033/2017 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/16 C C B B B C 2.4 PASS NA
9. NS4638/0043/2015 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/17 C C B A B B 2.7 PASS NA
10. NS2197/0047/2015 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/18 A A A A A A 4.0 FIRST NA
11. NP0378/0011/2017 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/19 C C B B B B 2.6 PASS NA
12. NS1250/0040/2014 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/2 C* B C B B C 2.4 SUPP CMT04209
13. NS2030/0023/2016 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/20 B B A B A C** 3.0 SUPP CMT04214
14. N31573102/015/2017 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/21 B B B A B B 3.1 SECOND NA
15. NS1871/0021/2017 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/23 C C C*** B*** B C 2.2 SUPP CMT04211,CMT04212
16. NS1409/0024/2015 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/3 C C B A B B 2.7 PASS NA
17. NS2032/0138/2018 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/4 C C C B B B 2.4 PASS NA
18. NS2527/0020/2018 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/5 B B B A A B 3.2 SECOND NA
19. NS2358/0183/2015 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/6 B B B A B B 3.1 SECOND NA
20. NS0751/0085/2013 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/7 C* B B B B B 2.7 SUPP CMT04209
21. NS3851/0026/2014 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/8 B B B*** B B B 3.0 SUPP CMT04211
22. NP4007/0021/2018 CMT4M1/MIHAS/19/9 B C* B B B A 3.0 SUPP CMT04210
23. NS1455/0024/2014 CMT4M1/MIHAS/20/1 I INCOMPLETE NA