Mlimba Institute of Health and Allied Science
Overall Summary of Provisional Results
NTA Level: 6 Field of Study: Ordinary Diploma in Clinical Medicine
Year of Study: 2021/2022 Intake: September Semester: TWO Date of Results Submission: Fri Apr 14 09:59:11 EAT 2023
Printed On: Wed Oct 18 23:31:54 EAT 2023
SN RegNum Exam Number CMT06206 CMT06207 CMT06208 CMT06209 CMT06210 GPA Remarks Failed/Repeat/Incomplete Module(s)/Comment(s)
Grade Grade Grade Grade Grade
1. NS4460/0135/2014 CMT6KS1/MIHAS/2022/8 A B+ B C B 3.2 LOWER SECOND NA